Social media has become one of the most dominant methods that artists can use to engage with their fans. However, there is no point of constantly sharing your content throughout social media if you do not even know what kind of engagement you are actually getting back. It is very important to keep track of your fanbase insights, which is why YouTube recently introduced the new Music Insights tool.

In an attempt to endear its social media video sharing platform to artists, YouTube recently released an innovative data analysis tool for keeping track of fanbase insights. Even with over one billion users, most artists from musicians to dancers earn most of their money from tours rather than ad revenue sharing. With this new Music Insights feature, artists can now get the opportunity to measure their visibility across several factors such as which are the most popular videos and also which countries and cities have the most fans.

Why Are Fanbase Insights Important?

Here are two main ways an independent artist, ranging from fashionistas on social media to photographers, dancers, music producers and DJs can benefit from an effective analysis of fan base insights.

1. Planning Tours

By keeping track of your fans, you can find out the major cities where you are getting the most support and airplay. This will allow you to create your tours around this data, thus monetizing your fans and earning lots of money through targeted shows, as well as giving your fans customized shows where they can interact more with you. If you also have any new products, the places where you are most popular are likely the best place to launch or market your products since you already have an interested target audience. You will only be able to achieve all this with broad fanbase insights across your social media.

2. Fanbase Insights Helps Growing your Audience

The main aim of social media analytics is to see the number of your followers and also what they like. It is important to first understand your audience before you can start growing it. With effective fanbase insights, it is possible to connect with your ideal target audience and offer them content that provides value. If you are just blindly posting content, whether photographs, songs or videos, you will definitely not get the same response as compared to offering customized content to the right audience, which is vital for continued growth.

In conclusion, if you are an independent artist who is looking to live off your art, then investing in social media tracking and getting your fanbase insights is critical to your success. Thanks to the built in Analytics section in Ozone, you get all the relevant information about your fanbase directly in the app. Make sure to sign up for the early access!

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