Visuals speak louder than words. If you want to boost your online presence, you got to focus on high quality visuals. Especially if it’s being put on social media – being the easiest accessible stream of media for your audience.

You do not need a DSLR camera to shoot high quality visuals though. So, you have your smartphone, now how do you get the best shots with it? Here are a few tricks that could help you get the best out of your phone cam:

  1. Good light – This means everything! Try to take your photos and videos during broad daylight. That will give you the absolute best resolution and focus.
  2. Tripod – You do not need to have a perfectly steady hand; use a Tripod instead. There are plenty of cheap tripods for smartphones that could be bought for about $20. It’s worth the investment, for sure!
  3. AE/AF Lock – AE/AF stands for Automatic Exposure/Automatic Focus. Recognize the names? When you simply touch your iPhone screen while taking a shot, you’ll see this yellow focus box appear. If you tap an object and hold it, the focus and the light exposure will get locked. high-quality-content-iphone-camera-trickOn an iPhone, you’ll be able to adjust the exposure brightness by just dragging your finger up (brighten) or down (darken) to adjust your brightness. Why would you like to lock these when taking a photo or shooting a video? Especially when shooting for example a dance video out in the streets, the scene could change a lot. Cars and people passing by, birds flying or any other objects that could distract the camera from focusing on a specific object.
  4. Rules of thirds – This is probably one of the most important rules within photography. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Photo & Camera > Grid. Set it to On. You will now see two horizontal and vertical lines on the screen dividing the scene into thirds, while in camera mode. To make your shots more appealing, use the commonly known Rule of thirds. Simply put, instead of centering an object, you want the focus of an object to be on the so called Power Points (read: the four points where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect). There are more variations that could be done through the rules of thirds that you can read about here.
  5. Sound – Are you a DJ/Music Producer or Artist recording a session that you want to upload on social media? Make sure you capture the sound well. The budget version would be through dubbing your videos with a separately recorded audio. Or you could invest $200 and get a good extended stereo microphone from Rode.
  6. Low Angles – Whether you’re a fashionista wanting to capture the outfit of the day, or a dancer trying to shoot a video, you want to ensure your angles catches attention. Photos and videos shot from a low angle allows the viewer to see everything from a new perspective. You’ll also get a better focus on the subject leaving all unwanted distractions blurred/hidden in the background.

Play around with these ideas and see immediate results. Some of these tips will take a little practice to master, but it’s worth it. Giving you high quality visuals for your audience…and yourself!

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