Ozone App gives you the space to let your creativity free. It features one of the best visual editing interfaces with a standout presentation style of your content. Posting on Ozone is different from any other place you’ve seen. You can upload multiple photos and videos in a single post, customize the layout and share it in a single go. Follow your friends and creatives worldwide to see what they’re up to. You need to be inspired, in order to inspire, right?

!llmind, Grammy Nominated Music Producer

“The one issue right now is to connect and network with like-minded people. This app can definitely help solve that problem, allow for us all to grow & get to know each other.”

Kato On The Track, Music Producer

“This app is gonna fill a void in the creative community. We all have social media accounts, but those are accessible to anyone. Another thing which is cool is that It allows creative people to create new revenue streams through social media.”



A social media app that has the incentive to develop & help digitalize revenue streams for creatives.


The platform is built to initiate collaborations & relationships between creatives.

Ease of use

Find creatives of any kind, anywhere in the world.

Auto hashtags

Our technology is built to automatically suggest hashtags for posts, making hashtags much more relevant to the content.

Creative content

A grid-like visual editing interface giving an open & free space for the user to create content.

Powerful insights

A built-in analytical tool that gives users a full overview of their follower engagements.

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We're stoked to announce that the app is now available on iOS. Click the button below to download it.

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